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Ana Ferrari designs sculptures representing vivid symbols of her physical and spiritual experiences ­– emphasizing the value of exclusiveness, the beauty in the process, and in all nature gives us.

Free spirited and driven by huge curiosity over life, Ana has explored the five continents, searching for, and collecting, unique metal, gems, stories, cultures, and meanings. Along her journey, she decided to “store” her experiences in boxes, each one containing items featured in her story, adding value and new perceptions to her artistic

Inspired by the Egyptian Key of Life and reframed by Ana, the ANK Key represents how magic creativity is, taking experiences and turning them into pieces of art that tell stories, and send us to new universes. Horizons widen every time the ANK Key opens a box, inviting us to a new journey.

In this exhibition, Ana Ferrari presents ANK “the key of life” and two boxes, “Pure Lines from India” and “Wind from Mexico.”

ANK "the key of life"

brass, bronze and mirrors

45x45 + 1m base

Symbolizes eternal life, protection, knowledge, fertility, enlightenment - the key that connects the material with the spiritual world.

The circles, which surround the key, represent the worlds around us and their new possibilities. Every time we turn the ANK´s key, our world expands. In each turn, we begin a new physical and spiritual journey, we open ourselves to new experiences and new realities. Turn the key.


PURE LINES from Índia

brass, amethyst


The lines of the body which mirror the curves of the soul.


It honor the Indian woman with her strong personality and spiritual enlightenment. Raw Amethyst come out from her openings, bringing the reflection of the wild woman who transmutes wounds through the connection with her deepest intimate.


WIND from México

brass, glass, cuproníquel


The wind is in tune with the invisible spirit, which gives life to life itself.

Upon entering the ear, the wind produces spiral movements, spreading throughout the body in its countless passages. Listening is the basic meaning to communicate our truth. Open up to feel and listen to what the WIND box has to tell you.

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